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Learn The Right Notes On The 5-String Banjo

“the Right Notes” explains how to learn all the notes on the 5-string banjo. The method used is identical to the approach that developed the CAGED system for 6-string guitar. The CAGED system is based on a single Triad Chord Tone that has five fingerings on the guitar. Those three notes are then color coded across the guitar fingerboard surrounded with the Pentatonic Scale notes. That limits the number of notes that you learn to five. Those five notes are repeated in five “Patterns” in the first 12 frets on the guitar. That system allowed a whole generation of guitar players to learn the guitar fingerboard by reducing the number of notes to only five.

The method described in “the Right Notes” links ALL the notes in the Major and Minor Scales on the 5-string banjo.  This method identifies three Basic Chord Shapes for three chords and plots them on the entire fingerboard.  The resulting structure is easy to learn, while guiding you to play every note on the banjo. 

Many exercises are provided.  You will find the 7-note Major and Minor Scales, 5-note scales, and many new licks.  There are instructions on how to change keys without a CAPO.  Extra notes that are used on the banjo, called “Accidentals”, are identified and demonstrated in licks. 

The CAGED system revolutionized guitar playing; the Right Notes method is sure to do the same for 5-string banjo.

Man Playing a Banjo

Step ladder G-major inclusive with side bar-sized G-major-key-chords-major-minor
Step ladder G-major-minor-heptatonic-key.jpg G-major pentatonic scale