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Sailing to win takes on a whole new meaning when you dive into The Competitive Cat. This one-of-a-kind book about catboat sailing provides racing tips and tricks to get you across the finish line first. However, anyone who sets sail in a catboat can improve their efficiency and safety using the information in this book.

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Author BILL WELCH MD introduces The Competitive Cat with boat preparation tips, from bottom prep and maintenance to standing and running rigging. There are no details spared for the full care and feeding of your cat. Even if you've been sailing for decades, the Balance chapter will still have some surprises for you. Boat handling, reefing, sail trim, and a detailed discussion of racing rules as they apply to catboats are all covered in an easy-to-understand format. There's even a particular chapter on the illustrious Beetle Catboat. This book is unique, and there are no other reference sources like it on the market. Order your copy now, because this 160-page book is a must for every catboat sailor's library.

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"the Competitive Cat” is a unique book dedicated to improving the performance of sailors racing catboats. This book explains everything from preparing your catboat to race to an explanation of how the Rules of Racing apply to this unusual sailboat class. There is a whole chapter on gaff-rig sail trim. There is another chapter on the importance on balance on this most-naturally-unbalanced-sailboat. The discussion on boat handling skills is especially important for racing these boats. There are many books about sailboat racing but no other book about racing catboats.