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The Competitive Cat Book Cover

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The Competitive Cat

The Competitive Cat offers the modern catboat sailor a comprehensive look at how to improve their times and win more races. This instructional book is tailored to readers who are interested in competing with their catboats. Yet, the detailed descriptions, drawings, and photographs will assist anyone sailing a catboat to enjoy their time on the water to the maximum. The Competitive Cat is filled with tips and tricks and is sure to become a valuable resource in the library of any catboat sailor.

The Right Notes Book Cover

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The Right Notes

The Right Notes brings intermediate and advanced players closer to an understanding of how to play the 5-string banjo through improvisation and memory, rather than structured musical notation. Author BILL WELCH MD steps away from the traditional methods of learning music and introduces us to a new style of teaching. This book is written for intermediate to advanced players to improve their comprehension and technique on the banjo.